20 August 2011

Working Out

I'll admit it, I can be a bit of a "gym rat".  I'm not as consistent as I'd like to be (sometimes life gets the better of me)...but once I get there, I don't want to leave. ever.  Ok, well - not ever, but I really, REALLY enjoy being at the gym and working out.  That's not to say my workouts aren't hard as hell , I definitely push myself - I just love it...all of it: the cardio, the free weights, the lactic acid burn, the sweat, all of it = love. So, what exactly do I do when I'm there?  Well, I have a mix of workouts I've put together over the years that I really enjoy and find really effective.  One major resource for these workouts is this book:

I picked up this book when it came out back in 2008 and fell.in.love. The workout is a 30 day consecutive plan (18 total workouts + rest days) that gives specific detail about what to do each day (including photos of each move). The daily workout is set up as a circuit (5 actually) with anywhere from 2 - 5 exercises in each circuit followed by a cardio burst. I do each circuit twice with the cardio portion of the circuit once. A lot of the exercises are unique - not the usual squats or push-ups or lunges - those are included but with a twist: sumo squats with tricep extensions, or scorpion push-ups.  Love it!
I don't however follow the diet info. That's not to say it isn't worth following - it's just not conducive to a raw vegan lifestyle so I just skip that part of the book. If you're looking for a kick-ass workout to amp up your current fitness level I highly recommend the workout plan in this book. 

And what about cardio? I'm a runner and prefer to do that outside, but that doesn't always happen so here is my favorite gym cardio routine: 

Cardio Intervals on the Treadmill:

                     time         speed     incline
warm-up              0-2          3.5       0
jog                  2-3          5.0       0
walk                 3-4          4.0       2
jog                  4-5          5.5       0
walk                 5-6          4.0       2
run                  6-7          6.0       0
walk                 7-8          4.0       2
run                  8-9          6.5       0
walk                 9-10         4.0       2
run                  10-12        6.0       2
jog                  12-13        5.5       0
run                  13-14        6.5       0
walk                 14-15        4.0       2
run                  15-16        6.0       3
walk                 16-17        4.0       2
jog                  17-18        5.5       0
cool-down            18-20        3.5       0

This is a very effective, time-efficient workout.  I love that it is only 20 minutes, that it changes every minute or so, and that it incorporates intervals...but what I love most is that it is adaptable to my current fitness level. For example, if I've been away from the gym for a few weeks I can do this workout as is.  If I've been more disciplined and consistent with my workouts, I'll alter the incline levels (0=2, 2=4, 3=6). And because this workout is short, sometimes I do it twice, back to back or once before lifting weights and then again at the end.  It's by far my fav cardio if I have to do it indoors.  
Ok, gotta run - the gym is-a calling!

Day 3 - Wednesday

7:00 Wake-up, make bed, wash face
7:15 BM
7:20 Green juice w/E3 Live
7:30 Walk & feed dogs
8:30 Breakfast: Small bowl of Ohsawa sweet brown rice, oat milk, mashed banana, & cinnamon 
Yogi Super Antioxidant Green Tea w/lemon and raw honey
9:00 Walk to Priscilla's house
9:10 Head to The Ocean City Farmer's Market
10:30 Back home with my goods: peaches, nectarines, 2 small watermelons, cucumbers, & 4 sweet potato vine plants
10:40 BM
10:50 Play with dogs
11:30 Work on blog, check emails
12:00 Lunch: 2 nectarines with Raw Fruit Topping 1/2 green smoothie
1:00 Run some errands
2:30 Gym Time: Day #29 from Jillian Michaels Making the Cut book (LOVE the workouts from this book) & 20 minutes cardio intervals on the treadmill
4:00 Home
4:15 Priscilla drops off weekly produce delivery from Suburban Organics
5:00 Snack: small bowl leftovers (Power Protein Salad) & 3 pieces dried mango
5:30 Shower
5:40 Manuka Honey mask (left on for 20 minutes)
6:15 Start dinner: Vegetable tortilla pizza (inspired by Skinny Bitch in the Kitch) 
7:00 Eat dinnner
7:30 Clean up kitchen
8:00 Read some of Little House on a Small Planet (SO inspiring!)
9:30 Check emails, blog, news, research natural skin treatments
9:50 Snack: hot chamomile tea w/raw honey
10:30 Bed

Energizing Power Protein Salad

Energizing Power Protein Salad

This was a new recipe for us and we REALLY liked it...definitely an "add" to our usual repertoire. I did alter it a bit from the original - but that's what I love about cooking - the ability to make it your own and use what you have...sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.  In this case it worked - so yay!

Energizing Power Protein Salad
Adapted from Oh She Glows

1 c. sweet brown rice (I used Ohsawa brand which I love)
1 c. sprouted quinoa 
1/2 c. sprouted mung beans
3/4 c. chickpeas 
2 t. evoo
2 cloves garlic
1 medium onion
1 large red pepper, chopped
3 carrots, peeled & chopped
1 zucchini, chopped
1 large tomato, chopped

1/4 c. fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 tsp. apple cider vinegar
3 T. evoo
1/2 t. garlic powder
1/2 t. red pepper flakes
1/2 t. cumin
3/4 t. Himalayan Pink Salt
fresh ground pepper to taste

How to:
1. Cook grains and beans according to package. Place in a large bowl.
2. Blend onions and garlic with emulsion blender (saves time chopping and mincing).
3. Heat evoo on low in large skillet.
4. Add liquid onion/garlic mixture. Saute for 5 minutes.
5. Add all veggies and saute on med-low for 6-8 more minutes (until soft, but not overcooked).
6. Meanwhile prep the dressing in a small bowl, whisk to blend.
7. Pour the veggies over the grains and add the dressing. Toss to blend. 
8. Serve & enjoy!

19 August 2011

Day 2 - Tuesday

7:00 - Wake up, wash face, brush teeth
7:10 - 10 oz. green juice
7:15 - BM
7:30 - Walk & feed dogs
8:00 - Walk to Priscilla's to workout
9:15 - Walk home 
9:30 - Breakfast: Yogi Super Antioxident Green Tea w/raw honey & lemon, 1 nectarine w/Raw Fruit Topping
10:00 - Shower
10:30 - Make Green Smoothie
11:00 - Errands: Target & Lowe's
2:00 - Snack: Handful of Glutino GF pretzels, finish smoothie
3:00 - Home from errands
3:15 - Nap
4:00 - BM
4:10 - Begin cleaning out & reorganizing pantry
5:30 - Start making dinner
6:00 - Feed dogs
6:30 - Dinner: "Energizing Protein Power Salad" via Oh She Glows , 1/2 GT's Kombucha - Gingerberry
7:00 - Clean up from dinner
7:30 - Finish organizing pantry (photos to follow)
8:30 - Computer time: emails, blog, research, news
9:30 - Prep for bed
10:00 - In bed, reading The China Study on my Kindle 
10:30 - Lights out

*Supplements & Liquids taken throughout the day:
80 oz. water
1 Forell probiotic
1 Rainbow Light Prenatal Multivitamin
1 Rainbow Light Calcium
1 Doctor's Best MSM 1500mg
1 Doctor's Best CoQ10 100mg
1 Deva Vegan Omega-3 DHA 
1 Grapefruit Seed Extract 250mg
1 D3 5000IU
1 Deva B12 1000mcg
1 Udo's Choice Adult Enzyme Blend

17 August 2011

Raw Fruit Topping

Raw Fruit Topping with Organic Blueberries
My friend Priscilla shared this delicious raw recipe with me one night while we were hanging out.  It has become one of my raw food snack/breakfast staples.  It is perfect on raw fruit, in yogurt, mixed with raw almond butter, or even by the spoonful. I hope you enjoy!

Raw Fruit Topping
adapted from  Eat True

3 Calimyrna Figs
1/4 c. raw walnuts
1/4 c. raw shredded coconut
2 T. flax seed meal
1 T. raw coconut nectar (or raw honey or agave nectar)

Put all ingredients in a food processor and blend until well mixed and crumbly. Perfect deliciousness!  


Day 1 - Monday

7:45 Wake up, wash face, make bed
7:55 10 oz. fresh-made green juice with 1T. E3Live
8:00 BM
8:10 Empty dishwasher
8:20 Walk dogs
8:50 Feed dogs
9:05 Make/drink hot tea: 2 bags - Yogi Skin Detox & Detox w/raw honey
9:15 Breakfast: Blueberries w/ Raw Fruit Topping
9:20 Check emails, blog, websites, news
10:00 Clean up breakfast dishes
10:30 10 oz. green juice
10:40 Start working on cleaning out/reorganizing office closet
11:00 BM
11:10 Continue office closet cleaning
12:00 Lunch: Veggie Plate (carrots, red peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers) w/hummus
12:30 Laundry
1:30 Snack: Banana w/raw almond butter
2:00 Continue laundry & dust bedroom
4:00 Nap
5:30 Garden: pick ripe tomatoes & weed raised beds
6:00 Feed dogs
6:15 Head to Bonterra (natural grocer)
7:00 Make & eat dinner: "Picnic Sandwich" on GF bread from "Vegan Yum Yum" recipe book, 8oz. iced Pukka Morning Tea, 1 nectarine, 1 pluot
8:30 Clean up kitchen from dinner
9:00 Skype with niece & nephew (who are visiting my parents in FL)
10:00 Snack: 1 T. raw almond butter, 1/2 T. raw honey, 1/2 T. raw cacao nibs - mixed 
10:30 Wash face - bedtime

*Supplements & Liquids taken throughout the day:
50 oz. water
1 Forell probiotic
1 Rainbow Light Prenatal Multivitamin
1 Rainbow Light Calcium
1 Doctor's Best MSM 1500mg
1 Doctor's Best CoQ10 100mg
1 Deva Vegan Omega-3 DHA 
1 Grapefruit Seed Extract 250mg
1 D3 5000IU
1 Deva B12 1000mcg
2 Udo's Choice Adult Enzyme Blend

16 August 2011

A week in the life...

So my friend Priscilla (check out her awesome blog here)and I decided it would be fun to record what we each eat, drink, and do for a full week and then compare notes.  Seeing that we're both vegans (I'm mid-raw, mostly gluten-free and she is high-raw, gluten-free) we thought it might be of interest to others as well, so hence this post.  The idea is that I'll post a general overview of my day, what foods I ingest (including supplements and liquids), and include a recipe or two along the way.  So check back regularly for an update on a week in my world.

14 August 2011

Let's try this again...

Ok, so I started this blog - oh, um...8 months ago...and as you can see it's blank - nothing, nada.  Oh well. Life got busy, I got spooked, and well - 8 months later and here I am.  So, let's try this again.  I'm promising myself to keep at this bloggety-blog thing. We'll see how long that holds...I'm not holding my breath, but I'm being optimistic too.  So, shall we?  Onwards and upwards into the crazy, tedious, day-to-day adventures of our life.  Welcome!